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About the coffee

Finca Arecas is a beautiful farm located in Palmichal de Acosta, right where the Central Valley Region meets the Tarrazu Region. Coffee at Finca Arecas grows under the shade of various species of native trees, the beautiful Tabarcia River flows right in the center of the property, and there are plenty of giant spectacular rocks through the farm. More interesting than the beauty of this very well-kept farm is speaking to its owner Rodolfo Valverde. He grew up in poverty, Rodolfo was the 6th out of 7 sons. His parents always struggled to educate him; from the time he was 8 years old during the summer breaks he used to work picking coffee to gather enough money to buy his school uniforms. Rodolfo, always hard-working, curious, and happy acquired Finca Arecas 3 years ago when a good opportunity came his way. Rodolfo has a special connection with coffee, he says “coffee has given me everything”. In a tough activity where many commonly fail, Rodolfo has been able to create and spread abundance amongst his community.

This coffee was processed at Palmichal Mill. After pulping the cherries, 100% of the mucilage was mechanically removed with the use of efficient machinery to avoid the use of excess water. Afterward, the beans go through a centriflux (this machine uses centrifugal force to remove the surface water and save energy during drying), the beans then enter the rotational dryer (know as Guardiola in Costa Rica) for 38 hours. The drying curve during this stage is controlled by software to always deliver a slow and uniform dry. After the coffee rest in parchment for two months it was dry milled and sorted by weight, density, size, and color. Palmichal Mill strict environmental and social standards. The small amount of water used during the process is 100% treated.

Product Information

Palmichal de Acosta, Central Valley, Terrazú

1600 m

Red Catuai, Caturra


Rodolfo Valverde

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