Finca El Olmo

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About the coffee

The El Olmo farm which is located close to the city Teocelo (in the state of Veracruz), is namend by an endangered tree from the local area. The cooler temperatures from the altitude around Teocelo and shade means the beans mature more slowly, and causes the beans to be denser. Beans with higher density develop deeper flavour and aromas. Mexican coffee from this region is distinguished for its nutty flavour, smooth taste, and a brightness with chocolate and vanilla notes. The farm is managed by a company called DM Sustainable Coffee. In cooperation with a cooperative of other farms in Mexico DM Sustainable is trying to supply high quality coffee cherries. The farm operation focuses on quality and sustainability with respect to sourcing and processing. Due to the climate change, deforestation, droughts and plant diseases, coffee is facing environmental challenges globally. Therefore DM Sustainable implements unique sustainable approaches: solar panels, organic compost, tree planting, shade grown coffee, Teocelo member of ICLEI and African drying raised beds.

Product Information

Teocelo, Veracruz

1300 m

Mundo Novo, Marsella, Oro Azteca

Harvest time
April, May


DM Sustainable Coffee

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